International SpaceWire Conference 2014

22 - 26 September

Athens, Greece


Key Dates

Below are key dates which you may wish to note.

Abstract Submission9 April 2014
Early Registration28 July 2014
Full Paper Submission28 July 2014
SpaceWire Conference22-26 September 2014

Conference Schedule

Monday 22 September

0800 - 1330 Walking Tour of Athens

1400 - 1800 Registration

1500 - 1915 Tutorials on SpaceWire Missions and SpaceWire Protocols

Tuesday 23 September

0900 - 1015 Keynote Speakers

1015 - 1645 Conference Sessions

18:00 Cocktail Reception

Wednesday 24 September

0845 - 1600 Conference Sessions

1630 - 0000 Visit to Acropolis Museum and Gala Dinner

Thursday 25 September

0900 - 1625 Conference Sessions

Friday 26 September

Time TBC Optional half-day tour to Sounion

SpaceWire Missions and SpaceWire Protocols Tutorials

SpaceWire MissionsTutorial

15:00-16:00 Monday 22 September

The SpaceWire Missions tutorial will look at how SpaceWire has been used in several ESA, JAXA and NASA missions. The SpaceWire architectures used in missions like GAIA, BepiColombo, Sentinels, ExoMars, Astro-H, Hyabusa-2, SWIFT, LRO, JWST will be explored. The missions listed are indicative. For each mission the driving science, overall spacecraft, SpaceWire architecture and benefits, and if launched the science result highlights (so far) will be presented.

- NASA Missions, Glenn Rakow and Jim Lux (20 min)

- JAXA Missions, Seisuke Fukuda (20 min)

- ESA Missions, Martin Suess (20 min)

Break 10 minutes

SpaceWire Protocols Part 1

16:15-17:30 Monday 22 September

The SpaceWire Protocols tutorial will cover several protocols that run on top of SpaceWire. Each protocol will be covered in detail providing a good understanding of its purpose and how it works.

Part 1 will cover protocols that have been approved or that are in the process of being approved.

- Protocol ID, Martin Suess, ESA (5 min)

- RMAP, Steve Parkes, University of Dundee (30 min)

- CCSDS, Martin Suess, ESA (5 min)

- Distributed Interrupts, Yuriy Sheynin, St Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation (20 min)

- Time Distribution, Sandi Habinc, Aeroflex Gaisler (10 min)

Break 15 minutes

SpaceWire Protocols Part 2

17:45-19:15 Monday 22 September

The second part of the SpaceWire Protocols will cover protocols that are in the process of being specified and is expected to include:

- SpaceWire-D, Steve Parkes, University of Dundee (45 min)

- SpaceWire-R, Takahiro Yamada, JAXA (20 min)

- SpaceWire-PnP, Stuart Mills, STAR-Dundee (20 min)

Technical Programme

PDF of Technical Programme

Tuesday 23rd September 2014

0900-1015 Keynote Speakers

Wednesday 24th September 2014

1430-1600 Poster Presentations

Thursday 25th September 2014

Poster Presentations